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Miller’s seeks to support the community in Carnation and build relationships between the towns of the Snoqualmie Valley by providing a place to share our talents, a place to meet and a place to spread the word about community activities and concerns.  Miller's offers a wide variety of classes and events for all ages and is available to for meetings and community gatherings.

Miller’s supports the talent close to home.  Many of our performances, art shows, classes and workshops are presented by people in the Snoqualmie Valley.  In this way we provide another forum for members of our rural communities to share their talents with each other and to make additional income without having to travel too far.

Miller's Located in heart of Carnation, the building was built in 1924 and renovated during the summer of 2004.  With the blessing of the building's former owner Howard Miller, and with the support of Carnation citizens, the Miller name was kept for the community center.

Howard and Marion Miller,  ran a dry-goods store in this building for 44 years. Much beloved by the residents of Carnation, the City created “Howard Miller Day” to be celebrated on the leap year, his birthday. The Miller’s dry goods store was in the tradition of the old general store, a place that drew folks of all ages in anticipation of something new and something close to home.

Miller’s Community & Arts Center
“Inspiring ideas, making them happen”

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